skin - hair - fur - feathers II

Natural objects, for example, must be experienced
before any theorizing about them can occur

Edmund Husserl

Vija Celmins, House #1

Jannis Kounellis, Untitled (Hair), 2004

Gabor Kerekes
more Gábor Kerekes

Daniel Belton

Victorian Mourning Brooch

Petros Chrisostomou, Forever, 2008

Heimo Zobernig

Hong Chun Zhang, Novel, 2005 (Graphite on paper)

Jessica Sanders

Tracy Thomason, Hollow Echo, Still Return, 2010 (Mixed media with hair)

Isabelle Cornaro, Cyprès et buissons dans le parc de Sans-Souci II, 2011 (Hair, assembled papers)

Maria Rucker, Skin and Hair , 2003 (marble, aluminum)

Roxanne Jackson, Hoof Heels, 2010 (Ceramic, platinum gold luster, flock, glaze, fur)

Judith Fegerl, Tension Object, 2006 (real human hair that reacts when charged)

Jochem Hendricks, Cold Birds, 2004 – 2005

Nina Beier

Hairdrawing, Fiene Sharp, 2011

Fiene Scharp, Untitled (Detail), 2006

Fiene Scharp,Untitled (Detail), 2007

Felippe Moraes, Head (Acrylic and human hair)

Jochem Hendricks, Horizontal Hairdo, 2007-2009

skin - hair - fur - feathers I

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