Photographing the Photographer

Who photographs the photographer?

André Kertész, Self-portrait, 1927

Hippolyte Bayard, Autoportrait en noyé/Self Portrait as a Drowned Man, 1840

Ilse Bing, Self portrait with staccato, NY, 1967

Ilse Bing, Self-Portrait in Mirrors, 1931

Wally Elenbaas - Autoportrait, 1938

Man Ray, Self-Portrait

Diane Arbus, Self-portrait, 1945

Vivian Maier, Self-portrait with mirror

Vivian Maier, Untitled, Self Portrait with Multiple Reflections, 1953

Irving Penn, Self-portrait

Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Self Portrait

Ré Soupault, Self Portrait, 1939 Tunis

Willy Ronis - Self-portrait with flash, 1951

Robert Doisneau, Self Portrait

Helmut Newton, Self-portrait, Lenox Hill Hospital, New York City, 1973
(click for original-version - nsfw)

Édouard Boubat, Self-portrait with his muse and first wife, Lella

Immogen Cunningham, Self-portrait

Andreas Feininger: Self-Portrait, 1941

Cecil Beaton, Self-Portrait

Robert Mapplethorpe, Self-portrait as devil, 1985

Jeanloup Sieff, Self-portrait, 1995

Nan Goldin, Self-portrait on the train (Boston - New Haven) 1997

Andy Warhol, Self-portrait

William Eggleston, Self-Portrait in a Photo Booth, ca. 1975

William Eggleston with his camera (photographer unknown)

Berenice Abbott (by Hank O’Neal, NYC, 1979)

Ernst Haas (by Dan Budnick, 1964)

Ernst Haas (photographer unknown)

Alfred Stieglitz (photographer unknown)

Alfred Stieglitz Photographing on a Bridge, ca. 1905 (photographer unknown)

Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1947 (by Arnold Newman)

W. Eugene Smith (photographer unknown)

Ralph Gibson (photographer unknown)

Note: "pnotographer unknown" means, the person who took the picture
is curently unknown to me. But I'll continue my research and will add lacking
credits to this post, as soon as I find them. If you know any of the missing
sources, please don't hesitate to let me know.


  1. Who photographs the photographer? Only the shadow knows . . .
    Great post. Thank you!

  2. I love these so much! Thank you so much for posting.

  3. It's really fascinating to see the different variations on the same subject here: who included their camera, who used a mirror, what objects or scenery were included, their clothing (or lack of), whether they're staring back at the viewer or elsewhere, etc.

  4. the man who took this images is awesome atunbi

  5. the man who took this images is awesome atunbi


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