Black & White - Masks, Rites and Transformations III

God has given you one face, and you make yourself another

William Shakespeare.

Elliot Erwitt, Kent, England, 1968

M. Manziat, Mardi gras, 1943

Alexander Allison

François Le Diascorn, 1981

Ross Gilmore

Réquillart Bruno, Carnaval de Binche, 1973

Harry Gruyaert

Elliott Erwitt

Frank Fournier

Denise Bellon ?

John Gutmann, The Game. New Orleans, 1937

Diane Arbus, Five members of the Monster Fan Club, 1961


found without credit - who knows the photographer?
So, this is acutally a painting from David Lyle and it's called "This Ends Here"
(see comment below)

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  1. the disney characters pic is by David Lyle, and it's a painting, i believe.

    1. Amazing! I didn't realize that it's not a photograph. But thanks to your comment I found it here. Nevertheless I'll keep it as a part of the post. Thanks again!


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