Movie Moments - Solaris, 1972

Mankind does not move forward synchronously, 
it stops and starts and goes off in different directions.
And only when scientific discoveries occur in the
course of technological development is there a
corresponding leap in man's moral development. 

Andrei Tarkovsky

watch the video below

"Inner, hidden, human problems, moral problems, always engage me far more than any questions of technology; and in any case technology, and how it develops, invariably relates to moral issues, in the end that is what it rests upon. My prime sources are always the real state of the human soul, and the conflicts that are expressed in spiritual problems. And so I paid more attention to that side of things in my film, even though I did so unconsciously. It was an organic process of selection. I didn't erase the rest, but it somehow became more muted than the things that interested me most." A. Tarkovsky (source)

Solaris (Film poster Czechoslovakia)

Solaris (Film poster Poland)

Solaris (Film poster Japan)

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