Animals in Art - Chris Marker's Petite Bestiaire

Chris Marker lives in Paris and very rarely grants interviews. 
When asked for a picture of himself, he usually offers
a photograph of a cat instead.

watch the video below

Chris Marker, Chat écoutant la musique (Cat listening to music)

The video [Chat écoutant la musique] is actually one of three parts to a ten-minute video anthology called Bestiaire. The middle piece deals with owls (cats with wings) and the final bit apparently shows animals in a zoo, gradually revealing their sad situation. Bestiaire itself was used by Marker as part of a larger video installation piece called Zapping Zone (Proposals for an Imaginary Television), in which Bestiaire and many other short video pieces (including excerpts from Marker’s longer films) played simultaneously on various TV screens stationed throughout the Pompidou Center. (source)

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