Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow

A mesmerizing portrait of the artist Anselm Kiefer ...
watch the trailer below

A mesmerizing portrait of the artist Anselm Kiefer by acclaimed documentarian Sophie Fiennes, OVER YOUR CITIES GRASS WILL GROW is part tribute and part deconstruction; aided by beautiful widescreen cinematography, Fiennes captures the majesty of Kiefer's architectonic installations alongside observational footage of his work process.


  1. Feels like there something apocalyptic about his work (from what little I know of it). I like that shot of the painting coming towards the man... if I could ignore the man's gestures cluing me in to what he's doing, there was a foreboding quality to the way the painting approached him (it was almost 'alive' in a way).

  2. @Vincent: The title of the documentary clearly suggests something apocalyptic. He's using so many different materials including concrete, glass, wood, rock etc. working on his monumental canvases with fire and water. I can't wait to see the documentary to get a glimpse of these impressive, certainly very physical, processes.
    You'll find some interesting facts and descriptions in the press release of his latest exhibition.

  3. That's a very interesting read, thanks for sharing it (sorry I took so long to reply). I didn't realise how much things like poems, philosophy, and mythology influenced his work. Hope you enjoy the documentary. I will try to see it myself sometime in the future.


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