Visible - Invisible IV

Profound boredom, drifting here and there in the abysses of our existence like a muffling fog, removes all things and men and oneself along with it into a remarkable indifference. This boredom reveals being as a whole.

Martin Heidegger, What is Metaphysics? 1929

Ed Ruscha, Your Space #1, 2006

Harry Callahan, Detroit, 1945

Kevin Schoenmakers, Tunnel, 2011

Josef Albers, Gray instrumentation IIj, 1975

Tom Friedman, 1,000 Hours of Staring, 1992-97 (stare on paper)

Agnes Martin, Milk River, 1963
more from this artist

Yvonne Lacet, Movements of a City, 2010

Jack Fowler, White IV

Uta Barth, Ground # 38, 1994

Michal Rovner, Outside 1990, IV, 1992

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  1. These are so inspiring. (As is this entire series.) This is the sort of art I wish I could decorate my apartment with - clean, white, minimal, enchanting.

    1. .. and always leaving enough room for ones own imagingation! Thank you!

  2. Have you ever heard Rauschenberg tell the story of that last image? It's on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpCWh3IFtDQ

    1. Vincent, thank you so much for your feedback and for pointing me to this wonderful video. I had not seen it before and I absolutely enjoyed watching it. It's a great story!

  3. I feasted my mind on this posting of Minimalist art, coming as it does in the lush quiet of August. Rauschenberg's explanation of his ERASED de KOONING DRAWING 1953 was likewise irksome and delightful to listen to. So, hands open thanks to Vincent for the link and to you Sofie, for one of the top three blogs on the planet. I visit almost daily. ~ Donna at word pond

    1. Thank you, Donna, for your flattering compliment! "One of the top three blogs on the planet", well, I don't know about that, but I am happy you're enjoying my posts and sharing some of my passions. It's always nice to meet congenial minds!


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