Agnes Martin - Beauty is the Mystery of Life

Composition is an absolute mystery. It is dictated by the mind. The artist searches for certain sounds or lines that are acceptable to mind and finally an arrangement of them that is acceptable.

Agnes Martin, Beauty is the Mystery of Life, 1969

This Rain, 1960

Untitled, 1959

Untitled #9, 2003

Homage to Life, 2003

The Sea, 2003

“My paintings have neither object nor space nor line nor anything - no forms. They are light, lightness, about merging, about formlessness, breaking down form. You wouldn’t think of form by the ocean. You can go in if you don’t encounter anything. A world without objects, without interruption, making a work without interruption or obstacle. It is to accept the necessity of the simple direct going into a field of vision as you would cross an empty beach to look at the ocean.”

Foto by Todd Eberle
Agnes Martin, Gallisteo, New Mexico, 1992

Don't miss the video below, a wonderful interview from
1997 by Chuck Smith & Sono Kuwayama

Works by Agnes Martin in the MOMA collection


  1. John Zorn has a beautiful album dedicated to that Agnes Martin!

  2. Sorry, was hesitating of writing : "to that artist" or "to Agnes Martin", but I wrote "to that Agnes Martin"... which sounds horrible ! haha

  3. I know, Francis, some times it's hard to think first and act second ;) I didn't know John Zorn had an album dedicated to this powerful artist. I'll be looking out for it.


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