Leonora Carrington dissolved into her dreams

Leonora Carrington, El recital de los sueños

“You may not believe in magic but something very strange is happening at this very moment. Your head has dissolved into thin air and I can see the rhododendrons through your stomach. It’s not that you are dead or anything dramatic like that, it is simply that you are fading away and I can’t even remember your name. I remember your white flannels better than I can remember you. I remember all the things I felt about the white flannels but whoever made them walk about has totally disappeared. So you remember me as a pink linen dress with no sleeves and my face is confused with dozens of other faces, I have no name either.”

Leonora Carrington (06 April 1917 — 25 May 2011)

Leonora Carrington photographed by Kati Horna in 1960

The Temptation of St. Anthony, 1947

And Then We Saw the Daughter of the Minotaur!, 1953

Syssigy 1957

The Floor 4706th, 1958

Who art Thou, White Face? 1959

Adieu Ammenotep, 1960

Leonora Carrington, The Conjuror

Leonora Carrington, Letter to Dana

Lepidopteros, 1969

Forbidden Fruit, 1969

Crow Catcher, 1990


  1. I love her sooo much.She's one of my favourite.I came to know her works through an awesome youtube channel : DistantMirrors.

  2. Thank you for the recommendation! They have Leonor Fini too. And Odilon Redon and Alfred Kubin and many more!


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