Photography - Inemuri / Tokio Compression

Sleeping publicly in Tokyo


by Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek

"Inemuri" is a series from Austrian Photographer Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek about businessmen as they practice "inemuri", a soft sleep or sleeping whilst present. It is a socially accepted practice and is respected in Japanese working culture. It is a depiction of dedication"

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Tokyo Compression
by Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf’s “Tokyo Compression” focuses on the craziness of Tokyo’s underground system. For his shots he has chosen a location which relentlessly provides his camera with new pictures minute per minute. Every day thousands and thousands of people enter this subsurface hell for two or more hours, constrained between glass, steel and other people who roll to their place of work and back home beneath the city. In Michael Wolf’s pictures we look into countless human faces, all trying to sustain this evident madness in their own way.

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