Chris Marker - Passengers

Chris Marker, PASSENGERS , Untitled # 78

New works by Chris Marker can be seen in an exhibition in New York at Peter Blum Gallery,
displaying more than 200 photographs originated between 2008 and 2010

" PASSENGERS captures the many private actions and gestures that take place daily in the public sphere. Mothers cradling their children, couples whispering intimately, women wistfully staring out the window or into the middle distance, engrossed in their own personal thoughts. In several of the shots, we see whole train cars filled with similarly disengaged people. Taken as a complete body of work, this series very clearly illustrates the various ways in which people create invisible walls and boundaries in order to cope with modern urban life. Chris Marker further to the photographs he takes, enhances, changes or colors his images on the computer, giving them often an eerie, almost otherworldly presence."

Excerpt from the Press Release

PASSENGERS , Untitled # 143

PASSENGERS , Untitled # 5

PASSENGERS, Untitled # 14

PASSENGERS, Untitled # 86

PASSENGERS, Untitled # 175

PASSENGERS, Untitled # 200

PASSENGERS, Untitled # 201

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