Natural History Illustrations - Some Favorites

Maria Sibylla Merian,  Surinam Lizard

Jacques Le Moyne De Morgues, A Sheet of Studies with Five Clove Pinks

Henry Seebohm, Razorbill Eggs, Plate 24

Evolution of colors of the North American Land Birds. Kerler, C.A.,1893.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928), Fritillaria (Snake’s Head Fritillary) Watercolor

Georg Dionysius Ehret, Iris susiana L (Iridaceae) c.1750s

René Primevère Lesson. Le Tricolore, Jeune Adulte (Hummingbirds) 1820s.

George Wolfgang Knorr, Engraving of Seashells, 1760-73

Pierre Joseph Redouté, Amaryllis Josephine, from the book "Les liliacées", 1805-1816

Zacharias Wagner, Cracas (do Thier Buch - Livro dos Animais) c. 1641

Hans Hoffmann, Flowers and Beetles, 1582

Scotch Torsk, Gadus Brosme (1802-1808)

Portuguese Man-O'-War, Watercolor illustrations after John White, 1585-1593

John Ruskin, Study of a peacock feather, 1863

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