Black & White - Hands I

John Loengard, The Hand of Georgia O’Keeffe
holding one of her favorite Stones, 1968

Alfred Stiegliz, Georgia O’Keeffe - Hands with Buttons of Black Coat, 1918

Alfred Stiegliz, [Georgia O’Keefe’s] Hands, 1918

Alfred Stiegliz, Hands, Dorothy Norman I, 1931

Horst P. Horst, Lisa Fonssagrives’ Hands, New York, 1941

Jacques Henri Lartigue, Renée Perle’s hand

André Papillon, Jean Cocteau, 1939

Robert Mapplethorpe, Lucinda’s Hand, 1985

Vasco Ascolini, Parigi, Musée Rodin, 1995

Juul Kraijer, Hand of the 16 year old artist held by hand
of the 36 year old artist, 2007

Bob Dylan's Hands

Eric Schaal, LIFE, Hands of Russian piano
virtuoso Sergei Rachmaninoff, 1943

Ryuichi Sakamoto’s hands

Emi Kagawa's hands

Imogen Cunningham, Hands of Henry Cowell, ca. 1931

Michael Torosian, Sanctuary, 1976

Conrad Veit (in: The Hands of Orlac, a film by Robert Wiene)

André Kertész - Paul Arma’s Hands, Paris, circa 1926-1928

Edward Steichen, Beauty Primer your hands, 1934

Ernst Haas, New York City Ballet, 1960s

Ernst Haas, New York City Ballet, 1960s

Tilly Losch

E.O. Hoppé, The graceful hands of Tilly Losch, 1928

E.O. Hoppé - Close-up of a woman’s graceful hands, United Kingdom, 1925

Cy Twombly (portrait, photographer unknown)

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